The Beginning of
Manhattan Corporation Ltd

Established in 1982, Manhattan Corporation Ltd
specialises in purveying land and property
throughout Great Britain. We acquire assets in
various divisions of the property market, such as
Industrial, Residential and Commercial sites.
Not only do we buy and sell sites, we also
develop the locations we purchase, specialising
in mix use developments.



Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Our sundry nature allows us to have relationships with a range of establishments which
provides us with a network of effective relations, from local authorities to leading retail
companies. Along with these relationships comes a combination of over
65 years of experience and expertise within the property industry. Every member of the
Manhattan team has an allocated position, yet still works closely together on each acquisition.
By working directly with clients and partners, each is able to benefit from the specialised
proficiencies all employees at Manhattan possess.

Manhattan Corporation Ltd – Mission Statement

Our mission is to locate and procure specialist sites for various divisions of the property
industry. Whether this is for the commercial, industrial, residential or retail sector, each
acquisition will be negotiated and communicated to every client by only the finest
manners of business decorum. We aim to accomplish this by establishing a unique
relationship with groups such as developers, local authorities and the clients themselves
to ensure all ventures run smoothly.

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